With the exception of a few cufflinks, all products on Mrs Bow Tie are manufactured by us in our England-based factory - just for you!

That's right! We don't just pick and pack products that have been made abroad and stored in boxes until ordered, we make each and every product specifically for you.

When you place your order, a copy is given to our Pre-Production Team to print and cut the exact design and product you've ordered. This is then sent up to our Production Team to be assembled, sewn and quality controlled, before finally going to our Distribution Department to be placed inside a presentation box and packaged for dispatch. 

Believe it or not, despite all of this, we still manage to get orders delivered internationally quicker than most brands that 'pick and pack' pre-made products!

Why is everything made-to-order?

As a brand, we have very high ethical and environmental standards, so we only manufacture a product once you place your order in an effort to reduce waste, and energy. 
Did you know: the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter, after the oil industry. 
Aside from that, we're control freaks and like to know exactly what is being made, who is making our clothes, and assessing the quality of the product ourselves in order to correct any flaws before being sent to our customers. 

Why is made-to-order better?

Not only does made-to-order allow us to personally hand-make the product just for you, it also means we're only making what we know is required.

When you order from an accessories brand that have their products made cheaply overseas in a foreign factory, you're purchasing a product that has been made in bulk, shipped over in a container, and then stored in boxes waiting (and hoping) for you to order them. If those clothes prove unpopular, or too many have been produced, they will be heavily reduced in a order to try and get rid of them. If they don't sell, they get thrown away or destroyed, eventually ending up in landfill.

When clothing is potentially being made without any demand, it uses energy and causes pollution that was unnecessary, and often results in unwanted fabric and garments to end up in landfill without ever being worn.

Why is British manufacturing important?

We live in an age where it is cheap and quick to have clothing manufactured in Asia and the Middle East. This has been a growing trend over the last few decades, resulting in a number of industries shutting down in their own country as companies move production abroad for cheaper and quicker labour.

This movement effected a number of Western countries, but Britain experienced the biggest de-industrialisation of any country in the world. Once the hub of manufacturing for everything from steel to cotton, Britain's shift to foreign production saw entire communities lose the industries they relied on - and garment manufacturing was one of the biggest to collapse.

As 'fast fashion' took hold and increased, the clothing manufacturing never recovered and generations of seamstresses and garment technicians went into retirement without a new generation to replace them (the exception being Savile Row tailors, who survived thanks to the world's wealthiest returning for their custom).

Within the last decade, a small number of companies have emerged in an effort to revive the industry, and we are very proud to say we have been at the forefront of that comeback!