White Bow Ties

White bow ties are perfect for formal or special occasions, whether it's a plain white bow tie for white tie events, or a patterned white bow tie to be worn as part of a stylish outfit. Alternatively, you might prefer one of our cream bow ties, ivory bow ties or champagne bow ties, which you'll also find in this collection.

We have an extensive collection of white bow ties and off-white bow ties for every occasion, from our popular white satin bow ties and white marcella bow tie for formal events, to our white paisley bow ties and patterned champagne bow ties for weddings.

You'll also find a wide range of other options, such as our white floral bow ties, that feature beautiful floral designs set on a white background. Our eucalyptus bow tie is particularly popular, as are our Ashington cream cotton bow ties.

These white dicky bow ties have been specially put together to try and cater for everyone's needs and requirements, and all are available as white pre-tied bow ties or white self-tie bow ties.

If you'd prefer a white necktie instead, you can find most of our designs and fabrics are also available in our white ties range, giving you the freedom to mix and match between ties and bow ties.